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Robert Fox - Mind Reader

The Ideal Entertainment At Your Corporate or Private Event


Robert's mind reading show is interactive, engaging, thought provoking and massively entertaining! His incredible ability to decipher people's thoughts, predict their behaviour and influence their actions, along with his razor sharp wit, means he is in constant demand for corporate events throughout the world; with an endless list of blue chip clientele.


Imagine the look on your guests' faces when Robert tells them a name they're merely thinking of, imagine how your guests will feel when he tells them what country or childhood pet they have in their mind, imagine how everyone will react when he makes a thought transfer from one person to another. Wouldn't all that be amazing at your event?


Whether you have an exclusive dinner for 10 people or a company awards evening with 1000 guests Robert's is guaranteed to leave your audience gasping with amazement one moment before roaring with laughter the next.


The perfect choice for your corporate dinner, awards night gala evening, conference, team building day, product launch, or any event where you want your guests to be truly entertained and spellbound. 

Stage / Cabaret Showreel...

Case Study

WorkFront Ltd 

"We've used Robert for three corporate events and he has wowed the audience every time.

So incredible and really entertaining."

Performance Footage From WorkFront Conference...

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Reasons You're Making The Right Choice...

  • Over 500 VERIFIED 5 Star Reviews 

  • 20 Years Performing Experience

  • Hired by Numerous Blue Chip Clientele

  • International Stage Performer

  • Full Time Professional / Insurance

  • Customisable Act

  • Easy Booking Procedure

Question: Where do Apple, BP, Google, Siemens, Sony, Ferrari, O2 & Microsoft go when they want Corporate Entertainment?

Answer: Robert Fox

"Absolutely First Class"

Richard Clarke - EMI Records
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