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Private Dining


Hosting a dinner party and looking for something truly unique? Robert offers a private dining experience your guests will never forget with his sophisticated & funny mind reading show.  

Robert visits your table between the courses of your meal to influence, read and predict your guests thoughts. This format allows your guests to fully enjoy the actual dining experience and chat throughout the meal itself, while being suitably entertained between the courses.


Thoughts revealed include names, numbers, drawings, colours, dates, celebrities, memories. Robert takes your guests on a journey, with inconceivable feats of mind control, culminating with a staggering, jaw dropping finale to the evening that has to be seen to be believed!

This exclusive experience can be enjoyed at a venue or your own home. Recommended guest numbers are 6 - 20 people. 

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Get an Instant Quote for Your Event:

"Amazing Is An Understatement"

Jim Stidham - Pricewaterhouse Coopers
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